Sustainable Tools for engaging young people with the ARTs




START brings together five partners from five different countries: France, Italy, Cyprus, Spain and Lithuania, wishing to promote the importance of creating social change and embracing social inclusion in EU societies through engaging young citizens with the Arts and other creative media.


Etudes et Chantiers Corse (ECC) is a 1901 law association. It was created in 1995. This association has developed local economic initiatives promoting socio-professional integration through economic activity, training and education for men and women, young people and adults. Whether in rural or urban areas, its field of action covers the study, facilitation and implementation of workshops and integration projects in connection with protection, development and management of natural spaces, restoration and enhancement of built and landscape heritage, part of global projects of local development and revitalization of the territory. The main actions and activities of the association include: – the development and implementation of territorial projects linked to city policy; – supporting the personal development of people through the development of key personal and inter-personal competences; – the re-integration of disadvantaged people into the labour market through bespoke, market-focused training projects for young people and adults; Since several years, ECC has been generating actions between educational and non-educational actors to find inclusive responses, and develop transversal skills that have become unavoidable, impacting on life, academic and social success of people. ECC is consolidating its approach from activities based on the pedagogy of concrete action in the field of environmental protection, ecology and sustainable development. It organizes camps and training activities for youth based on sharing values, solidarity and respect of the others using an effective pedagogy ( “learning by doing” pedagogy) – the active and concrete participation by everyone in transforming living spaces.


TATICS is a company operating mainly in the sectors of

1) Education and training;

2) Marketing and communication;

3) European projects.

TATICS has in its portfolio also the knowhow and expertise in the field of new technologies and new media approaches, especially for the experimentation of new solution in in the fields of education, marketing and communication. Tatics designs efficient tools for evolution and growth for companies, institutions and people, through services ranging from strategic planning to online and offline marketing, from communication to design and web-design, from vocational training to European planning, from tools for internationalization to territorial marketing. Tatics proposes innovative solutions, guaranteeing a complete and personalized consulting service that goes from the preliminary analysis to the conception of the development project, from planning to implementation up to the evaluation of the results achieved. The interactivity of the group of companies and professionals that Tatics uses has the main objective of customer satisfaction, through effective and targeted development projects for companies, professionals, public entities, young people and adults employed or looking for a job. Creativity and professionalism are the basis of every project and customer satisfaction is the main mission of Tatics.


ENOROS Consulting Ltd was established in 2006 and has since been active in the field of Project Management in Cyprus and in the European area, providing comprehensive consulting services to the public and private sectors. ENOROS objective is to provide specialized knowledge in planning, management and evaluation of development programs and projects, both at national and European levels. It comprises of three Directorates (Public Sector works, Private sector projects and International & European projects), which are appropriately staffed by 10 committed consultants with high scientific education and training, extensive experience and knowledge in thematic fields relevant to the company’s areas of expertise. Their disciplines have a wide range from Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Engineering, Agronomy, etc. The company also cooperates with external experts in various thematic areas (Human Resources, Rural Development, Tourism, Immigration policies etc) and has a wide network of local partners in the field of education and culture, youth and employment, justice and public order, human resource development, citizen protection, social innovation and entrepreneurship etc. The main areas of expertise, proven by a number of successfully implemented projects, are: a) Providing policy advice and technical assistance on reform and modernization strategies; local, regional, social and cultural development issues and promoting synergies with all government levels; b) Designing and conducting qualitative research, development studies, surveys, etc. ; c) Providing support services (administrative, social, psychological, etc.) to vulnerable groups and individuals; d) Managing EU Structural Funds for projects promoting regional development (resource allocation management, policy formation, establishment of transparent procedural guidelines and monitoring compliance); e) Human resources planning and development (career management, monitoring and evaluation, design and delivery of customized VET and lifelong learning programmes, development of training methodologies, material and curricula, administration services, marketing and communications services). f) Designing ICT Tooling Platforms to support learning processes and various target groups (i.e. businesses, young people and vulnerable groups, Institutions).


INNOWA is a non-profit association created in July 2020, whose objectives are to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN). The staff is made up of technicians with more than 20 years of experience in Innovation and Training projects and services. Our association has a mission to develop and support the use of non-formal education, encourage entrepreneurship, boost creativity, support environmental awareness, and develop solidarity and tolerance among young people and adults, including workers, NEETs, drop out… . The Association works in the fields of Technology and Social Innovation, especially in the sectors of Entrepreneurship, Inclusion and Women and Business. We plan to help all kinds of entities to be part of the UN strategy to create a better planet, and that is why we want to work on non-formal training, design and carry out workshops related to the topics that interest us so that our students can acquire new skills. We belong to various associations related to Inclusion, SEN and the SDGs: Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Valencia, EU Network for Innovation for Inclusion and the Spanish network of promoters of the SDGs. We also have many links with other EU and national organizations working with inclusion and diversity, such as the national network for ADHD (redTDAH), the Valencia Asperger Association, the Inclusion Services of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University Catholic of Valencia.


Tavo Europa is non-governmental organizations which work on the building of a civil society and establishing a rule of law in Lithuania. Our NGO is created to serve as a learning organization that gathers trainers, youth and social workers, youth policy makers, experts, and volunteers with different levels of competences to be actively involved in the creation of civic activities with European dimension and with benefits for their local communities. We are home for the knowledge-hungry professionals that deeply care about their job, about career development and about youth. This is a safe place where non-formal education methods meet different environments and miracles really begin to happen. Teachers, trainers, instructors, researchers, activists and youth leaders gather together to make the choice – bring a positive change, while giving floor to youth and helping them advance their major skills. Through various projects and different local activities, we are looking for new ways of how educational activities can meet the demand of new generations. In a liquid, constantly changing and evolving environment such as the nowadays age of knowledge that we are living in, it is essential to readjust the teaching-industry relationship, while experimenting with new ways of learning, thus making new great and better choices than ever before.